Are dash cams legal in Kuwait?

Hi all,

I intend to purchase a Dash Cam from Amazon, but I would like to make sure that it is not prohibited or illegal here.

Please advise!

I used it and I know a number of people who use it. Never heard anyone ending up in trouble for having one.

So it is if I ordered it from Amazon?!

I ordered mine from dealextreme with free shipping, and amazingly enough it arrived through regular post. :)

I have shop and ship account. Regular mail doesn't reach ne.

It shouldn't reach anyone, imagine my surprise when it did!

i use my company's address and receive mail regularly, the trick is not to expect it to come, as they say, a watched pot never boils :P


Regard filming people , government , Mosques , church , oil fields ,  borders  police or government authorities with out authorization or permission its illegal and can set you in jail.

Let we say like you filmed me and i took your license plate i can sue you in court with out authorization but if some one understand law he can use this as tool to sue you.

Do it enjoy your life **** law.  be different

Thanks ,

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Saw many cars with radar detectors ... I don't see why they should be illegal...if anything, they help people slow down.

I think it's best you ask Aramex themselves.


why bother with radar detectors? the government here is so nice they have signs warning you before you approach a camera by about 100-200 meters.

I had one from two years ago and I don't have any trouble with it. Recently, there are a website to sell a dash cam in Kuwait Might that help you.

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