Taking advantage of Riyadh...

Anyone here in Riyadh? What are the things I should take advantage of while Im staying in Riyadh?

This would depend on your interests, if you could be more specific , you may find others with similar tastes here and can get connected with them.

Tourist landmarks, cheap transport, shopping for bargains... ect... just anything I guess. I could just pick and choose whatever is suggested... :D

Go to city center and you will find two prominent tourist landmarks - national mueseum and masmak fort. Diriyah also has the old palace - another tourist attraction. Also in Riyadh you casn search for heet cave, edge of the world and similar attractions.

Shopping for bargains - again city center for the best bargain deals.

I am not sure what you meant by cheap transport, are you looking for one ?

In addition to the above post by HR Guru, cheap transport is not the feature of Riyadh unless you have your own vehicle.

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