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Hi guys. Anybody knows the idea how this things goes.  Our situation is: My husband just got a temporary job in uitzendbureau where he assigned in Belgium for 8 to 10 weeks. My plan is while my husband is there, can I apply for a Schengen Visa and we will get a house to rent in Belgium ? Because we are planning anyway to move in Belgium.

Any Idea also as a frontier work?



Yes anyone can apply for a common Schengen visit visa is your answer.

But if my husband also get a house to rent and register in belgium while his workibg temporarily ?

I cannot see the problem, if you are on a Schengen visa, you are allowed to stay for 180 days max in 365 days, 90 days max at a time - and yes the days are counted and stored and shared around SIIS database and if you overstay well it's a hot cross bun mark in your passport. You said your husband is staying 8-10 weeks which is less than 90 days.
Registration in Belgium is for those who are here for more than 90 days, if here for less than 90 days and working, well then if you have a permanent residence outside Belgium, taxes are payable there, if you're here more pemanently... well then you register. You cannot register on a Schengen visa though, you're a visitor.

How about working in netherlands but register in belgium, how this work?

Hi Janice,
I would check what visa you need to work here, there is no schenagen visa, if you are European then you are entitled to to work and travel within the eu, as you are coming for such a short time, I don't know how that would work, and it may be very low paid. you don't say weather you speak dutch or French as most jobs require this. if I were you I would just enjoy living in another country and go and sightsee. jobs here are like gold dust. there is a couple of websites to try and which are very good, there is also manpower over here as well. anyway good luck with the move and job hunting.

p.s jancice frontier work is like our customs and border control and would be vast so don't think that would work.

Thanks. My husband is a dutch. He got a temporary job in belgium . Im getting more infos of how this things works. As what i read, you can register in belgium and continue working in netherlands but you get double tax . Am i right?

Hi Janice
I asked my husband as this is a tricky one, if I were you go to your local tax office, but this is what we think if you are registered in Belgium then you pay tax in Belgium not the Netherlands, however if you are working for a dutch company it maybe  different I know that the French when they work in Belgium and live in france they don't pay tax in france and very little in Belgium, the Tax system  is probably run along the same way as Holland, where you can pay 17% or up to 20% and depending on what you pay and circumstances you will or won't have to pay money the end of the year(tax) its very complicated. if I was you I would find,the local belastings office where you will be staying, and send an email explaining your situation(they are very helpful), or I know most Belgians have an accountant to do their tax, so try find a company locally to where you will be staying. and send them an email or give them a call. I am so sorry I can't be of more help, but good luck with it all.

Ok . Thanks much.


if you want to work that short period, then I am assuming you are a non EU national???? How you proceed, well it's not with a Schengen visit visa, it's with an EEA family permit if you wish to stay beyond 90 days, and if you have "plus" status as a 5 year permanent resident, well then you are independent of your husband. Without those extra details, wouldn't like to comment more.  Your situation is going to be different to a normal cross border worker, if you don't have that "plus" status.  You are going to want to think about whether either of you want to register too, you don't have to for less than 90 days or as border workers living permanently in another country.

I'm a cross border worker, between UK/France/Belgium, but I'm EU. The double tax arrangements mean in theory tax in 1 country alone, I wish it applied to me though!

PS Schengen visa not appropriate for a dependent of an EU national. If you are settled in Netherlands as an EU family member, then you can come and go as you please, showing your national passport and valid residence permit for the Netherlands.

That is the problem. I went to Netherlands in a schengen visa. I couldnt apply for mvv in Nethetlands because my husband couldnt get 1 year contract b4 the procedure ( most of people have the same problem) that is why we looking for BE route.

Only my husband and my daughter are there living in Netherlands but I myself currently living in Philippines. Any idea of luvingbin Brugges? Is this municipality is strict when it comes to rules or considerable situation? Ty

Anyone are open for suggestions or giving advices of the 1st step we gonna do.

Where is the job? If it is not in Brugge, no reason to live there and very expensive too compared to surrounding towns. There is no such "less strict" or "more strict", same rules everywhere.

You are going to need a visa to enter the Schengen area full stop if you are Filipino, not a Schengen visitor visa but a Belgian EEA family permit, if Belgium is the only place you plan to live.   You ask for this on the grounds you have a Dutch husband but he will have to be registered indeed in Belgium already. Your alternative is to just apply for a Schengen visit visa to visit your husband, to the Dutch, but gives you the right to 90 days in Belgium too in 180 days.  But this would mean you then returning to your home in Phillipines afterwards. Is your husband really Dutch or just a Dutch resident?

Without the full information of your nationality, your real purpose of stay in Belgium and the length of time in Belgium, it really isn't that easy to answer.

His working in Zeebrugge from 8 to 10 weeks  and hopefully in long term run. My husband is 100% Dutch. The only problem in Netherlands is IND is asking for 1 year contract before the procedures but it contradict to the rules because their is no more available now a days in job industry.

Their is a Directive 2004/38/ec which i can apply as spouse of EU.

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