Clothing for plus-size (curvy) women ?? Finding good tailors ?

Can I get clothes made for a decent price in Muscat ? Are there good tailors ?
Are there lots of fabric stores to choose from ?

Do the malls carry plus-size clothing for women ?

Hi sahara desert,

yes mall do have the plus size dresses,

and about clothes and tailors i dont have much idea on but i have seen in ruwi around joyalucas showroom if you walk around in some area there are cloth stores and they may refer you the tailors too.

But as i have seen your other post about rent a car , assuming that your very new to the place

i would also suggest you for more information , there is a group on fb like

What's Happening Oman Women? (WHOW)

Muscat - Where Can I Find

join and post your query , you may get more information on the same

*@admin : mentioning of the group names is only with the intention of helping with the information , if not not appropriate it can be removed and my apologies.


MANY thanks deemonisha....that is all very helpful information.

Tailors are not good in Muscat. Better to get your clothes stitch in origin country.

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