Taxes: Part-time expert consultant

I am considering doing some consulting on a temporary basis. Perhaps 1 month this year and 3 months early next year. I will be providing expert technical evaluation and supervision of construction works. They will pay my US based company (an LLC) in a lump sum payment, with some progress payments. It will be less that 180 days in country. I will not be employed and will not receive a salary or payment in Laos (international wire transfer). With potential taxes of 5% to 30%, I want more information before accepting the job. Worst case scenario, I will price in an addition 30% to cover taxes (if so I would likely lose the job). The company has already indicated that any taxes will be my responsibility.

Does anyone have experience with paying taxes in Laos, in a similar situation?

I have contacted the tax authority in Laos for advice, but I would also be interested what others have experienced. I have read about some of the tax codes, almost as confusing as my mother country.


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