Aviation in Canada

hey all
I'm planning to go to Canada to study aviation
i want to know what are the best academies yet not too expensive to study there & what will be the cost of living there per month
if there is a possibility to work there beside studying  .. would it be easy since i'm not originally from Canada & what is the range of wages there

this question is for those who work in that field ... i want to know what are the chances to get a job as a pilot after finshing the course ? instructor , shipping companies .. what ever

Do you have any flight training so far?  You need to use Google and do your own research, but you'll find there's a difference between the best schools and the "not too expensive" schools.  You need to establish your budget and the search for something within that parameter.  For cost of living, again, it depends on what school/area you choose.  However you can look up cost of living info on

The chances of finding work after graduation can vary greatly, especially being a foreigner in Canada, and it may depend on where you are trained.  Whatever school you choose should be able to answer this question, and may have placement programs with local/regional operators, though nothing is ever guaranteed.  I've been out of the left seat far too long to be able to answer this more accurately now.

Romaniac Experts Team

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