any Greek at Phils ?

i am married to a Pinay and about to move to Philippines,
is there any Greek  to give some info  about the relocation ?
kanenas Ellhnas ?

Hello gkerem1 and welcome to the forum :cheers:

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I wish there were MORE Greek's in the Philippines - especially ones that can cook!!!

Greek food is delicious and oh, soooo nice :)

Now I am feeling really hungry :(

Oh yes! Yummy yummy....

My partner is Greek, he has not moved yet to the Philippines but comes here every so often. Actually, according to your consul here in Greek embassy Manila, there are only around 100 permanent Greek residents here in the Philippines, and they're scattered accross the archipelago. Not much Greeks here though.

That doesn't surprise me Filchub. I've not met many Greeks outside of Greece!
When you think about it.... Nice weather, great food, family orientated catholic society (in the main), passionate people... very easy to see why the majority of Greeks stay in Greece.  :whistle:

Indeed! I went to Greece in 2014,and I really fell in love with the country. Sadly, after that year Greece underwent an economic turmoil,but I think everything's catching up now. Great food too!

100% agree with you there my friend! Catch it, cook it, eat it.

Red wine, olives, olive oil, vine leaves, Kleftiko , Stafado (excuse spelling) more meat and even more meat....

Did I mention the tasty meat?

HEAVEN  :thanks:

well my friend IFA ,i see that u know very well the Greek cuisine,
that is one of the best worldwide.
Indeed the dishes that u refer r some of the best
but there r so many that u have to live in Greece to be able to taste all of them.
Every place has its own yummies.
The Greek tastes r pure and when u eat chicken u don't feel that u eat pork :)
and that's one of the best qualities of Greek food.
I am discussing with my wife about moving to Phillipines and we can't result to a serious reason to relocate.
I know that is hard to compare two completely different countries ,
i don't expect to find there what is considered as standard living here in Greece
and starting this post i would like to hear from Greeks their experiences from their new life in Phils.
Even being under such financial turmoil dear Filchub Greece remain an affordable country to live, if u can live on budget ofcourse
and is cheaper than Philippines in the sector of food and goods,
the services remain still higher .
this pic is for IFA,is kokoretsi an u MUST try it  :

Well, I hope you can find Greeks living in the Philippines answer your querries here. As there are very few, chances are small. If, however, as you said you can't find a serious reason to move into the Philippines, then by all means, don't. I hope this helps.

Kalimera gkerem1 and Filchub!

I know quite a number of Greeks here and we go out for dinner once or twice a month.  A few of them are from the Greek embassy.

There is also an excellent Greek restaurant here called Blé (blue).  It is owned by Yiannis (Greek) and his Turkish wife, Ayse.  It is in A-Venue mall, Makati City.  They are friends of mine.

There is also a Greek Restaurant in San Juan, La Union province.  I dined there twice already in two trips to the province.  I forgot the Greek owners name, but the restaurant is named Géfseis (flavours).  The staff there are in traditional Greek costumes and all the decorations and ornaments are from Greece.

Gkerem1, if you need help in relocation, I can probably help.  My girlfriend is British, but she lived in Pireaus for 15 years and she is fluent in Greek. She is there NOW just to sort out some things.  She will back here in Manila by the first week of August.

Filchub, I saw your posts here before.  If you really want to meet Greeks here, You can join us next time.  I will e-mail you.

Hey IFA!  I recognise you here...  Hahaha!



Kalimera win-deals
hello Filchub

the only serious reason that i have is that i want to meet and live with my wifes' relatives ,but this reason  it's not enough for a permanent relocation.
I want to experience the Filipino way of life,
but i am scared with all that i read in the net about the safety ,the crime, the corruption ,the pollution,the heat ,
the poverty and the misery that i am watching in youtube videos.
I will have ofcourse  a first stay for little time and then after having my personal experience i will decide.
In Greece life is like in all the western countries,
we r anguished ,always stressed to be able to pay high  bills
and this is not life :( 
and the cool filipino way is something that i like very much.
I believe that life is a gift that mustn't be spent just to work.
I would like to be able to live in an isolated island like Robinson Crusoe but i know that is a utopia.

So Greeks who already live there would help me  enough with their experience,if someone will read this post,i will be glad to have some  comments and if someone lives in Negros Occidental that would be great  :)

maraming salamat

Hello again everyone!

Makati [Manila] has pretty much everything in terms of representation from other countries. Like any capital city, there will be a Greek/Greek style eatery, bar or small community present.

Crime fears are over-cooked (IMHO) and at most it is the same as for any other country (petty crime/opportunists). Fear not. In the main, Filipinos are a very warm, welcoming and god-fearing bunch.

Last year we moved back from Negros Oriental (South of Negros Occidental) as we found it too 'provincial'. Outside of Bacolod (Neg Occ.) and Dumaguete (Neg Or.) there is nothing to do. Great locals, but VERY dangerous coastal roads - the main reason I didn't wish my 2yro boy to grow up there - only to be killed by the lunatics double-overtaking, speeding, drunken driving etc. The main roads are quite literally petrifying at times (IMHO).

There are many expats retired in Dumaguete City (more of a town than a 'city') but they tend to be older and simply sit around and generally stay local to their village, only ever travelling anywhere for shopping/basic needs. If that's what you want great, who am I to judge? But as I am still in my [late] 40's I found I wanted a bit more infrastructure, school/hospital choices and at least the option to visit a 4 Star establishment when I wished. The best you get in Negors is 3 star (at most).

You will find the local people very gracious and charming in 80% of the Philippines - and probably a little more innocent, fun & cheeky than in Greece. But you will NOT find many Greeks. It would be unwise to compare a Southern Mediterranean country to anywhere in Asia - that would be like trying to compare Chalk & Cheese!

I really like the Philippines as the base for my family. I find it welcoming. Coming from Greece you will find it terribly difficult to justify living here, unless the way of life is more to your liking than in Greece. My 'gut instinct' is that you will [over time] find more reasons to live in Greece than you will find reasons for living here - until you get old. Then you may find the Philippines offers more in terms of being able to afford your own private nurse/maid. Still not much in terms of life saving medical facilities here - but in terms of an easy way of life - you can achieve that here cheaply.

Come for a long holiday - visit several places/main islands - and see how you feel afterwards.

thank you very much Adrew,
for your  useful advice,
that exactly i wanted to read when i started this topic,
i have spot some places like Pagudpud,Tagaytay and Santa Cruz - Campuestohan near Bacolod,
i also like what i see through google earth at Sipalay-Punta bulata,sugar beach,
there r so many that have to be checked thoroughly before any decision
and  i have the feeling that only by myself and after long stay in Phils ,i will be able to choose the right place.
Is so exciting for me the idea to live in Far - East with no heavy winter clothing  :) 
just sandals - shorts - t-shirts ,
simple life not complicated with formal events and numerous obligations

Outside of Manila/Cebu/Davao you are unlikely to encounter any type of 'formal' gathering (black tie). Leave that to the "Champagne Charlies"..

If its hot & dry = Sandals, shorts, t-shirts
If its hot & wet = Sandals, shorts, t-shirts

Indeed Philippines can be described as a relatively uncomplicated, simple and basic way of life. Many expats use .PH as a base and simply get on a plane and go somewhere else should they fancy a change for a few weeks.

Safe travels and keep in touch. Andrew.

Hi I know a lot of Greek foods, I work in nicosia cyprus for 2 years before.

Well, I think there is a lot in common between Philippines and Greece ! One common thing, among others is high levels of corruption and at all levels of society. I don't think you will see a big change on this matter !! In terms of insecurity, the Filipinos I know who are working in Greece are quite worried to see extreme rights groups attacking foreign workers... we do not have these problems in the Philippines.

unfortunately  u r right   :(

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