Eye laser

I want eye laser
I want to know the details

I had an eye laser operation last year at Bin Rushd, it lasts for 5 minutes and it is painless.
It costs around 8 thousand.

In Pakistan, you can have this operation at a state of the art hospital for just under SR 2K. :)

I know one person who did this eye laser here, and it went bad...He is having trouble now.

Take your decision wisely.

I am not making you scared, just informing you; otherwise rest is Allah's will.

I have a 400/20 visual acuity before. I did PRK(Photorefractive keratectomy) a laser procedure to correct VA in Dr. Soliman Al Kharashi Medical Center 1 years ago and Alhamdulillah I have a VA 20/20 until now!
It takes only 5min per eye approximately, painless and you can go home directly after the procedure.

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