Cebu - What's all the fuss about?

I am hoping some members here may be able to clarify this for me....

As an expat (married/family) I have lived in the Philippines for 3 years, and previously in Thailand for 10 years. Last year we moved back to Clark/Angeles from Dumaguete because although 'nice' there was nothing much going on - maybe OK for a lazy retired life not doing much, but not particularly 'ideal' for a 40's something active husband/father. The schools/hospitals were also quite poor (to be expected). OK there is a 'good' [question mark] university - but my son is [now] only 2 years old. The coastal road is also a death trap, with weekly head-on collisions and deaths (not a great future for my son or concerned parent).

I have visited Cebu several times over the last 10 years and have a few 'biker' friends based there. I have never been able to find a 'GREAT' beach - but I have been able to find traffic chaos (especially the bridges between Mactan/Lapu-Lapu and Cebu City). Why would anyone live with such traffic? Where are any parks? Are all the good beaches hidden/private?

I fully appreciate that many expats LOVE Cebu - but I am wondering why? Sure as the 'original' capital of the Philippines it has everything available, but is that the reason? I like my creature comforts - but to be honest - Angeles City/Clark seems 'idilic' by comparison?

What am I missing here? I know that nowhere is perfect. Perhaps I've simply not seen any nice expat subdivisions and/or barangay's that offer a mix between family, social and relaxation lifestyle? I have driven the circumference of Cebu as well as Negros. Maybe keeping my eyes on the road I've driven right past paradise? :)

PS. I am no snob - but if Cebu commands international property prices - it has to have something to justify the values surely? (If only I could kick-out all the Thai's and repopulate Pattaya with Filipinos!!!)

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