Why do Romanians not nuture there dogs

I don't understand why here in Romania they don't nuture there dogs .I walk my two small dogs that have been nutered every morning and every dog that I come across almost always attacks my two of the most gentle dogs you will ever find.the first time one of my dogs tried to hump my leg I called the doing this you not only calms your dog but also make your pet more social towards other animals and humans. Perhaps it's the cost involved. I know mine was not cheap but worth every penny. I stand there while there dogs snarl and nip at my dogs and I just shake my head.and don't get me started with owners not picking up after there dogs.that's another day.

From my experience, the decision not to sterilize (neuter/spay) animals is based on a lack of education of the benefits involved which you mentioned in part, as well as cost which you mention (though it doesn't cost very much IMO).  I've also encountered several older-age vets which refused to sterilize animals until they reach 1 year of age, claiming health risks, which is simply nonsense.  Again there's a lack of proper education and awareness of practices outside Romania, at least among the older vets.  The younger docs I've met seem to have a better understanding.

This creates a big problem as you've noticed, many feral or semi-feral animals on the street which reproduce regularly, exponentially increasing the population. The animal control organizations of cities often cannot keep up with rounding them up and supporting the cost of sterilization, tagging, or sheltering.  Also they have to deal with the "animal rights" activists which get angry anytime a city goes around rounding up the animals; even though children get bitten and even killed each year by street dogs.

As a responsible pet owner myself, I'd really like to see the implementation of animal licensing, mandatory microchipping, vaccinations and sterilizations.  Owners need to be held accountable for their part in this, but they also need to be properly educated about the issue.  It's unlikely to happen I think, as it would require countless commissions, debates and other bureaucratic nonsense.  I think many would moan about yet more requirements being put onto them, as usually happens when change is implemented.

As with most things here, this is part of life here, take it or leave it.

Yes I hear ya.take it or leave it seems to be the norm in Ontario they have officers from the city go to almost every household that has pets warning them about getting the license for the pet or a 500 dollars fine. And spayed as well. Not sure if it has payed of for the city because of administrative costs to run the program.  FYI did you know that Holland has no stray dog problems .they have a system that works and a very good marketing program to adoption. Come on romania step into the year 2000

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