home insurance in Budapest?

dose anyone know  a decent, cheap, home insurance in Budapest, thanks

We used Aegon.
We discontinued their coverage because after reading their very long and complicated papers, we realized they basically didn't cover much, need receipts for everything and if your not around ( like on holiday) and anything goes wrong, then it's not covered.
It was just a waste of money for us, we pay in our common costs for house insurance, the extra coverage was for our belongings which really would not work out in our case. No receipts for most of our things after moving so many times.
They were cheap but in the long run we were wasting money on their policy.

Im also looking for a good insurance company for my apartment

addde :

dose anyone know  a decent, cheap, home insurance in Budapest

You can only pick any two of those:

- Decent and cheap, but not in Budapest
- Decent and in Budapest but not cheap
- In Budapest and cheap, but not decent.

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