Hotels in Indonesia

This thread is intended as a close up and personal look at hotels in Indonesia, all based on things you've personally experienced, and delivered with photographs and/or videos taken by yourself.

Anyone can google, but I'm trying to create a thread about actual experiences, giving a personal touch beyond anything google can offer.

It should be hotels in Indonesia you've actually stayed in, and use photos or videos you've taken yourself, not googled images.

The comments should be your personal experience as that provides direct information, not hearsay or guesswork.

Hotels in this country vary from the absolutely terrible, but very cheap, right up to seriously top class places where the customer is king.

I've stayed at backpacker places, small hotels with 'business ladies' available  (I found that one when the local sat PP raided the place), reasonably priced local places, then up as far as Aston hotels and other places with similar excellent reputations and terrific breakfasts.

Hotels can be booked directly or via one of several online agencies. I use, finding them able to offer reasonable prices and very good when it comes to a potential problem or the need to change a booking. Not every hotel is available online, but there is a wide selection.

One of the worst was one in Bintaro, a hotel I'll never visit again.
I was on a visit to the area, didn't know anywhere and was tired, so hit the first place I saw.
This was it.

Hotel Persona Krakatau, Carita, Banten.

This hotel was very clean and tidy, and the staff were pretty good.
There was a beach right in front of the place and it had a nice swimming pool. We stayed in a room in the main building but bungalows were available as well.
The food was disappointing, with little to select from and the quality wasn't great.
Whilst the room was worth the money, the food was not.

Sunset house, sengigi , Lombok has to be one of the best places I've ever stayed at.
The place was clean and tidy, had a couple of nice swimming pools, a beach right up to the hotel, and all the usual stuff you'd expect from a mid range hotel.
The restaurant was open air and next to the beach, and I have to note the food was lovely. They didn't try to do anything fancy, sticking to simple stuff they did well. I was impressed.
Their biggest plus was the great staff who were terrifically helpful in any way possible.
This isn't a five star place, but it was a very nice week and a place I will visit again when I get the chance to return to the wonderful island we know as Lombok.
You should also be aware, Lombok has roads to rival anything in Jakarta, but village traffic so things are smooth and carefree.
The hotel will arrange airport pick up at a reasonable price and sort out people to look after you in any activities you care to engage in.

Hotels in Bali are plentiful…very plentiful, and they run the entire range from modest home stays (not really hotels of course), to top of the line first rate resorts.  Truly, a visitor to Bali can pay as little as $10 a day to over $1,000.00 for daily accommodations. 

Virtually all of the world’s greatest names in the hotel industry are represented in Bali, and they include Aman Resorts, Ritz Carlton, Four Seasons, Hilton, Westin, Saint Regis, Conrad, Hyatt, Kempinski, etc., etc. …the list is truly almost endless.  Nowhere else in Indonesia is there anything even close to the concentration of fine hotels to be found in Bali, and that includes Jakarta.   

At one time or another, in the course of my 18 years of 24/7 living on Bali, I have been to most all of them for a function, meeting, or social event…but obviously not staying over night. 

My personal favorite is the incredible Royal Pita Maha which is just a short walk from our own compound, and perfectly situated along the Ayung River Gorge…the Ayung River being Bali’s most sacred and important river.

The building of this incredible resort hotel began a number of years after I had already moved into the village where it was built…that being Bunutan-Kedewatan in Gianyar Regency.  From the very beginning, including all the required ceremonies to “move” the unseen villages, (Niskala) already there, to its current state of almost entire completion, I would walk there at least twice a week.  And, during this earliest phase of its development I personally witnessed paranormal events that still give me goose bumps to this day.  But those are other stories, and I seldom share those experiences publicly. 

This incredible resort was built under the guidance and continuous supervision of many high priests, holy men and balians…the Ayung River being one of the most spiritually powerful places on this planet.  So powerful that in fact, no Balinese will live along the sides of this river.  This is fact. 

The Royal Pita Maha transcends the normal attributes by which a great hotel is judged…beautiful and comfortable suites, fine dining, an incredible staff.  Well beyond those considerations, the Royal Pita Maha most often results in a life changing and cathartic event for the guest.  Virtually every visitor that Eri and I have welcomed over the years since it opened, suggesting they stay at the Royal Pita Maha, have experienced the raw spiritual power that emanates from this area.  Many of them return, year after year.

So, when I’m asked about hotels in Indonesia…this is about all I can talk about.

Here is their web site:

I have stayed in many many hotels across Indonesia. I recently stayed at Batavia Apartments a and then the Mulia hotel at Senayan. I normally add to my blog  where I say with photos and I had a blog where I wrote hotel reviews but I found myself without the time to do this justice. has many hotel reviews and photos have the rest

If you would like me add from my blogs then I can and will but I am not sure how long that will take.

I like Tripadvisor for exact those reasons. What would be your site's point of difference?

Haha tripadvisor is good but I rarely found good deal. I prefer using local websites and inspire myself thanks to experiences' sharing!

The last time I went to Bali I used these website's advice:

I spoke with travellers and they said me it was the best solution they found to enjoy their trip for cheaper prices!

Given how many hotels and the endless thousands of rooms available here in Bali, I’ve always been of the opinion to never book in advance unless one really wants to stay at a particular resort or hotel.

Just showing up in the lobby with cash in hand will most always secure the very best deal.  An added advantage is getting to see the room which will be yours before making a commitment.

Exceptions to the above would be stays planned for July, August and over the Christmas/New Year’s holiday.

What is a good hotel under $100 nearby the airport in Jakarta, CKG i can stay in over night before a long train ride?

There is no railway near the airport yet so it would be wiser to find a good hotel near the Railway station you are leaving from. If Gambir then you can choose many around Thamrin such as Ibis, Artotel, Akmani which are all very good. If Senen, Manngarai or Stasion Kuta then you could look through or

But if you insist in staying by the airport then there is an Ibis styles near Cengkareng or closer to Pluit an Aston, both of which are nice for the night

Yeah actually I won't be taking the train I will be flying I totally forgot about that.  So the Ibis Styles.  I'll look that up, thanks Lukereg.

Yes, some hotels the service are pretty good.  The ones in Bali beach of Kuta, are usually the better standard ones.

Amir Hotel in Batam has a personal touch and the owner is actually from Padang and has other hotels as well.
I always stay at the executive suite but I book online before coming so I get a cheaper rate than walk in.  The breakfast although Indonesian, simpy good and nice.
I have always been treated well by the staff who are friendly and helpful and there is also a welcome drink.

Bintan, I just stay at the one normally patronised by the locals calledd Tanjungpinang Jaya for IDR250,000 which I think is reasonable for walk-in.  They only accept cash and the breakfast simple yet filling before you go out to do your chores.
People of Bintan are more friendly and a relaxed atmosphere.They tend to know who you are if you frequent the place from time to time.

I stayed at the Neo Hotel in Yogyakarta and it was very, very nice.  Room was wonderful, nice and very comfortable.  I stayed there 3 days.  You can eat a buffet style breakfast every morning for about 50,000 rupiah and it is well worth it.  I thoroughly enjoyed the food, and the service.  I then stayed for 2 days at the Omah Dusun which is outside central city Yogyakarta and in a more village like setting with rice paddies everywhere.  That was absolutely fantastic.  Nice basic room and a boxed breakfast 6am each morning.  They also allowed you to ride their nice bikes around the village.  Again very nice.

I have stayed recently at the Ibis Styles in Braga Bandung and it is a great place to stay as it is right on Jl.Asia Africa.
It is new and the hotel is modern and spacious.

The first trip with pictures can be found here … 2.html?m=1

And my latest post … g.html?m=1

Two different rooms, 2 different experiences both overall both positive.

I booked through as they let you pay on arrival for this hotel in any way you like and discount rooms.

The family room I recommend more but check if the last occupants were smokers and hopefully they have fixed the leaking shower but other than that it was a great room and place to stay.

You should note that it took an hour from the toll way to the hotel due to traffic and the road out side is closed on Sunday morning and often Saturday night for festivals and the like.

I've stayed at several of the excellent Aston hotels, but their place at Anyer remains my favourite.
It's as clean and tidy as the week it opened (I was there that week), has a nice little beach and two pools, one for adults, the other a splashing around pool for the little kids.
The staff are amazingly helpful, and the food is lovely.
Overall, this hotel ranks very highly with me as a nice place for a family break.
It also has conference rooms on the top floor, so a working trip here could be an excellent idea.

More on this later, but I'll leave you with just a single photo for the moment.

I've just revisited Anyer, staying at the excellent Aston once again.
All the above stands, but I must add the main reasons I like it so much; it's pleasant and relaxing.

Fred :

I've just revisited Anyer, staying at the excellent Aston once again.
All the above stands, but I must add the main reasons I like it so much; it's pleasant and relaxing.


I wandered to Purwokerto in Central Java, one of my favourite towns in Indonesia.
We chose the Java heritage hotel, mostly because we haven't tried it and they were doing special discounts that made it amazingly cheap.
I used but you'll find them on other sites such as Lazada, mostly with similar prices but it pays to shop around.

Jl. Dokter Angka No. 71, Sokanegara, Purwokerto Timur
Purworkerto, Jawa Tengah, Indonesia

The car park has security and a ticket machine but guests get parking vouchers that allow free parking. You'll find a BCA and a BNI ATM in the little building to the left of the car park entrance.

The lobby is very big and very clean, then off I trotted to reception.

The people here set the tone for the whole hotel, their very polite and professional attitude shining through from the first greeting.
It turns out that is down to good training from the general manager who previously worked in five star hotels and has brought the five star attitude with him to Purwokerto.

The rooms are bigger than other comparable hotels and very well kept, each being cleaned very carefully before a guest enters and made up very nicely every day, always with a change of towels and so on.

The swimming pool is a nice size and has a kiddie splashing about part as well as a shallow area for kids who are just getting the hang of the water. It also has a very nice snack bar with covered seating area.

The restaurant was very pretty great, always spotlessly clean, you can see into the kitchens and the menu offered a wide variety of food. My favourite was the amazing sweet and sour chicken, a dish with a powerful set of flavours that reminds your mouth food is fun.

At the end of the day, the Java heritage is a pretty good hotel that I could see is run very well and has very good staff but there's more.
My daughter likes to take her teddy with her and every hotel we've ever been to just pops it on a table or a chair when they make up the room.
This place adds a little touch of something extra.

Patch the teddy looks about as relaxed as the staff at this hotel made me feel.

Excellent place!

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