Looking for Private English Lesson

Hi Everyone,

I will take IELTS test. Therefore I want to take private lessons.

I need a teacher who test/eveluate my level and prepare me for IELTS.
I will appreciate to a IELTS experienced teacher.

After IELTS preparation I will continue to take lessons to have a fluent English. So I am looking forward to a long term study.

If youa are interested in ,please contanct me via personal message.

Thank you in advance.

Hello and welcome to Hunkar

Please drop an advert in the Language classes in Turkey section of the site to increase your chances to find a private tutor.


Thanks you.
I will.

hi hunkar,

i read your  advertise and i used to teach english for people in need.i live here in tstanbul and have any probleme to meet you and lso to teach you at anyplace we want...looking forward to hear about you...have a nice day waiting answer.

Hi are you still looking for private lessons for IELTS or have have found someone?

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