Best Burger ever ;-)

Try out "Burger Joint"  :dumbom:

Close the the US Embassy Circle (just below Zain )

Taste the "Milano" burger  and make sure you remind the chef to toast your bread  :kiss:

is this an advertising?

How is it advertising? it is just someone that has been there, tried their burgers and enjoyed them so much that he/she feels the need to shout it from the rooftops.

I've just been reading the post where someone was asking about where to buy Indian food and saw quite a few replies with recommendations , directions and shop names to try and wouldn't call that advertising, would you?

Maybe go and try the place yourself, you never know you might actually find that you enjoy those burgers as much as the original poster did.  :)


mohdq2002 :

is this an advertising?

Probably not.
He suggested an India place as well so it's much more likely he's a food lover who wants to allow others to share his good experiences.

Give the place a shot and see if he's right.

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