Nice: 80 dead and 18 injured in an attack

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Nice has been targeted in an attack on Thursday, July 14 during the National Day celebrations. Around 80 people, including many children, have been reported dead. 18 people were injured, some of whom are in a critical condition.

A big crowd had gathered at the Promenade des Anglais to watch fireworks. Around 11 pm, a white truck sped into the crowd and overthrew people on a distance of two kilometers. The truck driver was shot dead by the police. He has not yet been formally identified.

According to media reports, the identity documents of a Franco-Tunisian were found in the vehicle along with some heavy weapons. Inquiry has started so as to determine the origin of the attack.

On Friday, Francois Hollande, announced the extension of the state of emergency, which was to end on 26 July, for another three months. Moreover, the public and sensitive places supervision operation has been strengthened. Nice inhabitants are also advised to be careful.

Keeping in touch with French authorities, Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs says having no news of 20 Belgian nationals since Thursday night.

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Our sincere thoughts go to the families of victims and all those afflicted by this tragedy.

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Feel free to share your feelings with us

I can't as that much swearing would get me banned.
However, I find it a great pity the cops shot him before someone had the chance to chop his balls off and feed them to him.

Can we now get serious on their ass or do we have to wait for the next one?
As long as fear doesn't change side, it will keep happening and we will be posting another round of condolences to more innocent victim's families.
Unfortunately, I fear that no one in the western world has the will or testicular fortitude to address the issue seriously.

Sharing feelings of anger and vendetta sentiments...

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