Good place in Da nang

I will go to Da nang. Anyone have a information of good place please share to me . Tks

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Hi Kevin130708,

Maybe you can give us more details so that we can guide you in a better way? :)

Are you looking for a good place to stay maybe?
Or a perfect place for leisure?  :unsure

Thank you in advance for your feedback,



I haven't been to Da Nang in 41 years and I'm making my first trip back in August. I am so very curious if any of the good places I remember are still there.

I'm very interested in any good replies you receive.


Hi, I am a resident in Da Nang city and I would like to make friend with foreigners. If you need an assistant to help you discover the city,I would like to help without any charges :)

Do you want to find out a good place to stay, eat or travel? For travelling, there are some popular destinations such as Marble Mountains, Ba Na hill, Son Tra peninsula, Linh Ung pagoda, etc. Some famous restaurants here include Quan Ba Thoi (seafood), Quan Mau (rice paper with pog), Ba Duong (rice pancake folded in half), etc.

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