new member to Killarney area

hello all!

i am a new member on expat. i look forward to getting to know you all and get information on moving to Ireland.

my husband and i live in California. We also lived in Colorado. my husband was offered a job in the Killarney area.

We hope to find out more about the country, living situations, weather, cost of living and moving logistics.

we hope to visit the area in August.  my husband would have to start working in November is all goes well . we love your country lifestyle here in California and the weather is great. we are excited to try a new place but are grateful for the lives we have now.

we also have a dog and a baby who will be along for the ride.  i would love to here from anyone who wants to share there experience and why they chose to move.

also if anyone would like to talk weather. its a scary thought to leave our sunny home to possible rain and overcast life.

thanks so much


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