Health care in Riyadh

Hello everybody,

Soon I will move to KSA with my husband.
He got a work there and he is already working there.

I hate shots and I am kind of hypocondriac but I know I have to make some blood tests to be able to move.

My questions are :

- Is it safe to make blood tests in KSA ? ( I mean... are we sure that the syringes, needles aren't reused?

- How many times I will have to make tests?

- If I have a health issue there, I can easily and without fear trust the doctors / nurses ?

Thanks all...I hope you don't think that I am crazy :D

Hi Nisha,
Advance welcome to KSA.
No need to worry about blood tests. They use  proper things to take blood n no concept of re-use. So I feel it is safe.
Blood tests will be once to get your medical card and iqama.
I think you can trust without any issues and more ever your husband will be there to accompany you. So be cool.
For my experience, I preferred to visit Indian doctors as first choice for major health issues. If no Indian then no choice.


Nisha , Hi

Blood extraction standards (phlebotomy) are second to none , similar to west.
If you are looking for employment you will be subjected to all blood tests as per employment protocols.
However if you are only joining your husband , I do not think  you will need to have bloods taken . don't trust the system and people here and you're ready to re locate to the KSA!!

Welcome Welcome


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