Indian Child born in Oman Visa Requirements ?

Hi Sir,

I have a small doubt.
We both husband and wife (Indian) are working in Oman. My wife is pregnant and will be delivering in Oct-2016.
For a new born child visa process should my visa be of higher grade for applying for visa ?
Problem is I have a labor visa but my package is above 600 OMR. and my wife has Staff nurse visa but her package is below 600 OMR.
In such situation how can I get visa for my child born in Oman ?

Kindly help me if you have any ideas about this.

Hi richsirsi1,

I have replied to your private message.

In any case, for the benefit of the others, I will repeat my response here too :

My first concern is that you are saying that you have a 'labour' visa, yet your package is over R.O. 600/-. Obviously something is wrong here. There is no such thing called as a 'labour visa'. All expat employees have only an 'employment' visa. The job category is only defined in the Resident Card.

But, these are not your questions. Only the father can be the legal sponsor of the child. The mother is sometimes granted that privilege depending on the circumstance. But it is almost always the father who is given that responsibility.

In your case, please check with your company whether they will be able to give you their permission to sponsor your child on your visa. I do not know if you have been provided with family status, or not.

It is quite unlikely that your wife can be the sponsor of your to-be-born child.

Only your company would be able to guide you correctly, for it is their decision.

Good luck.

I think there is no any problem. If you already have marriage certificate attested.

after baby birth take a certificate from the same hospital, go to forign affairs, get Birth certificate. with this certificate go to indian embassy to register and issue Indian Birth certificate.  to get baby passport you have to submit your passport copy, wife passport copy, marriage cert and birth cert. get passport of your baby.

then apply for visa.


just inform in your company. tell your PRO for your baby visa. in that you will be sponsor for your baby.

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