Would like to meet fellow expats who live in Puerto Vallarta

Hi. My name is Craig. I am moving to Puerto Vallarta on August 10, 2016 from San Luis Potosi. I have accepted a high school teaching position at the British American Collegio (Private High School).

I would like to meet as many local Puerto Vallarta expats as I can to have some acquaintances to familiarize me with the town and possibly find some friends to socialize with. 

I am interested in finding bike and hiking clubs. Also, I would be interested in sailing clubs. I have been certified in scuba diving so dive clubs would also be of interest. I am willing to get certified again.

As far as the creative arts I am interested in meeting anyone who has an interest in water color or oil painting.

I also have an creating travel or educational videos for YouTube to help other expats increase their awareness of what there is to do in Mexico. Additionally, I would like to do a series of videos of low cost ways expats can learn "Tourist Spanish".

In San Luis Potosi, I worked for Berlitz teaching English as a second language. However, I have found  lower cost Spanish programs such as Pimsleur, Rocket Languages for Spanish, Fluenez for Spanish plus all the programs available on a smart phone such as Fluent. I would like to interview or work with others who like to offer what Spanish programs others have enjoyed in improving your ability to speak Spanish.

Contact me at this site or directly via email at xxx or call me at xxx.

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http://www.vallartascene.com/index.php? … 27e902a1ca

Please are you still in San Luis Potosí, i plan on moving in a few months to also work with Berlitz, kindly contact me. thanks


Hi Craig
I'm Melina . I too live in San Luis Potosí. I wanted to ask u about working in Berlitz . I'm planning to teach English here but I'm still learning Spanish .so my language skill is not advanced. Do you think I can start now or I should wait until I improve my Spanish? And if you tell me about other requirements that would be great. Thanks

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