Boxing or martial arts

Hi all
Does anyone know a place to teach a female boxing or martial arts in 6th of october city with a reasonable prices
Thanks in advance

Hi Sweetlilyadam,

I suggest you drop an advert in the Classes in Cairo section of the website. Subscribed members may get in touch to enlight you.

All the best,

Hello sweetlilyadam , there is am image classes at golds dream land 6 of October so if you concerns you can visit there page at fb or you can call them to know the classes days but think it for members only
All regards
Captain Ahmed

Bhavana, thanks i'll do that
Captain Ahmed that's a bit far from me and i have no car but thanks for the help :)

Define "reasonable price"

Something i can pay
What do u have in mind?

I don't mean the literal definition  :D I mean how much r u willing to pay per month ? cause by my standards nothing in this field in egypt comes affordable , but it's a relative matter

In which area you live? so I can advice nearby
All regards
Captain Ahmed

I live near hosary

So I think golds dream is not that far and if u interested I can send the schedule in your email if you would like and If you need just try I can lift invitation at the reception anytime you would like to visit

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