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I'am leila and i'am planing to work in the UAE as an air hostess if everything goes well or in a hotel if it goes badly ... in thr both cases i'll need help and informations  about living there , and is it difficult to find a flat and and is it expensive speaking of food and that kind of things

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Since you posted in english, i moved your thread to the anglophone United Arab Emirates forum.

There are several threads on the forum related to  your questions but answers will differ according to the city/region in which you will be.

Here are some topics/categories you might want to read :

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Also, go through the articles in the Living in the United Arab Emirates guide so as to gather a maximum info.

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any question you want  to ask please do so i f i am of any help, i am in the same situation wants to know about romania /bulgaria, but any way i am here for last 14 years ask anything ,
dr iqbal


It depends on your budget. Where u plan to stay in UAE, different cities have different rents and it is a tax free country. Daily use items are affordable for normal budget. Yes Health services are very expensive if you dont have good quality Insurance policy.


Looks like Sharjah would be cheaper on the accomodation front, as for the daily expenses , its almost the same across the UAE

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Try this site for cost of living

Thank you all of you for the information , i'll keep u in touch for my futur plans or if there is any changing

Dear Friend,

Here available accommodation and finding easy. But little expensive.
Bed spaces available AED 500 to upwards.
If you need help please contact me ***


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hi liela,
hope u manage to make it,, if u still need further info, I can advise u more... just let me know... I was living in Dubai before and recently changed to abu dhabi

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