Exchanging Saudi Riyals to Euros in Dammam or Bahrain...

Just wondering if anyone knew of a good bank or exchange agent that gives good exchange rates here in Dammam or Bahrain??

I would like to exchange Saudi Riyals to Euros before traveling to Europe in September, so please let me know of any good banks or exchange locations that would give exchange rates to do this here in Dammam or Bahrain....cheers!

Hi Giggs ,

I have no experience of saudi Money exchange .
However if you frequent Bahrain , a money exchanger in front of LULU shopping market , which is exactly opposite the City centre shopping mall , would provide any currency you are looking for , the rate will depend on the exchange rate of the day . but you surely can negotiate the rate , I am sure

Ok thank you very much, that's great to know...cheers!

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