(Short term) apartments or room.

Hi everyone!

Maybe someone can help. We are looking for cheap apartments (or maybe room)  from 5th of August for 10-14 days (2 person) in Sliema or somewhere near. Our plan is stay for 1-2 weeks somewhere while we find long term apartments.

Thank you for your help in advance.

Have a lovely day!

Hi mj08034,

Can you please drop an advert in the Holiday rentals in Malta section of the website ?

It will be easier for you to get some proposals.

Thanks in advance,

I would suggest checking air b&b it should be your best option

Hello Tinna9,

Where I can check it? Is it the name "'Air B&B"? We have already checked Bread and breakfast. Everything is busy.=(

Dear Bhavna,

thank you for advise. I will try.

I meant airbnb platform, that would be your best bet to find something at short notice for short stays as hotels would charge a small fortune in high season

Have you tried Facebook groups? You can post an advert with what you need. The links should work or just search 'accommodation malta' :

We got ours through but there wasn't much left when we booked 2 months ago.

Good luck!

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