Expat in Brazil from a culture that is almost the perfect opposite

Hi everyone!

My name is Dona Gretchen and I am new to the site.
I am an Estonian and it has been a bit more than two and a half years that I have been living in São Paulo now. The adaption process has probably been one of the hardest things I have had to do in my life. Brazilian culture is almost the perfect opposite of Estonian, especially in the workplace. However, now I am already starting to see the fruits and really enjoy what Brazil has to offer.

Talking with other expats, I have understood that most of us go through very similar difficulties. This is why I am writing a blog called Living It Brazilian sharing some stories and insights about adapting in Brazil. I get lots of comments from people with their similar stories as well, so the blog has proved to be a great medium for sharing experience and support :)

I am also on Facebook and Instagram.

Please feel free to check it out and let me know what you think!

Kind regards,

Dona Gretchen

Hi Dona,

Welcome on board  :)

Feel free to add your blog on the website so that members can get easy access.

Here is the link :

All the very best,

Here is mine! I just started it a few weeks ago. The struggle is real folks! 😂

Hey Dona
I have actually stumbled upon your blog before, I thought it was pretty good...

Now lets see what Craig is up too....

I am french...and people though latin culture would help. It did for the first few months when I was still in a relaxing, holidays like period. But when I got back to work (creating my business actually), then it got extremelly stressfull. It is only now after 4 years in Brazil, that I can started to relax again...Well, more exactly I know mitigate problems and get ready to anything.
I always wondering how japanese immigrants felt in Brazil. It should have been quite a shock. Only similitude is the incapacity to say "no".

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