Your new local habits in Kuwait

Hello everyone,

Living in Kuwait is a great way to immerse in a new culture and lifestyle.

Have you embraced local customs since you've lived in Kuwait? If so, which one(s)?

Did local customs change the way you see things, appreciate life or organize your daily routines? As far as the language is concerned, did you learn new expressions or words and do you use them?

What do you like most about the lifestyle in your host country? Are there any local specificities you are still struggling with?

Thanks in advance,


I've become lazier and learned a couple of swear words which are often very useful!

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Its great to work and know so many different nationalities and culture. Its fun to participate in so many local cultural events.

best is enjoying lots of leaves :)

I am sleeping more and more and becoming lazier after moving here.
I was so busy with so many activities, classes and parties before coming here.
Not much social life here. Other than eating out, shopping or going for movies, we dont do much.

Theres no life here. One just come for work to Kuwait.  Period. There's many good things about Kuwait (safety, business opportunities, people have good manners...) but social life is non existent.

That's a bit too harsh. Social life is there, but it takes a lot more effort to find a compatible company of people. Sometimes so much so that it is not worth it. Sometimes you hook up with the great folks and then they leave.

So we all stay in bed in the end.

Late Stanley Kubrick would make a massive piece of art from this material. :)

My friend... I don't know where you lived, but after being in Las Vegas, San Francisco, Sydney and Cape Town, for the last 20 years, I will say it again.... social life is non existent. There's just a bunch of people driving around , burning cheap fuel, going to malls and looking at their cell phones.  Harsh or not, these are the undeniable facts that even expats that have been here 20 years are confirming. The fact that you're saying "it takes a lot more effort" confirms my point.
Humans are social being. It should take minimal, or NO effort to connect with others. Once again, there are many other pluses about living in Kuwait.  No burglar bars or alarm systems, people are very decent and respectful, the economy.....etc. ... but social life isn't one. Next time I'm going back to Italy you're welcome to join me. I will give you a practical example of what real social life is.

No need to, io sono dal Fiume. :)


Tootsie57 :


I was born and lived 40 miles from Italian border. :)

There is no social life if you are a person of a certain age group.

Yes I went to the BLS. The time I went there. They were just too stuck up. I was told it was quiet as people were leaving Kuwait for the Summer. The ones that were staying could of spoken, but they chose not to.

How can you have proper European food when there is no HAM.... It is a big no no. (Yes I did know all of this before I went to live there).

The culture is too different. Kuwaitis can come and live, visit the UK and basically do as they please. Buy property and business without being sponsored. I would not be allowed to that there.

I hated the roads there. There is no control on drivers what-so-ever. Just disgusting. No pedestrian crossing. You take your life in your hands when you try to cross a road.

Drivers are always sounding their horns. Even when the lights are RED!!!!.

If you worn your style of clothes, you get looked at and even spat on.

People just spitting on the pavement. YUK..

One of the best was. NOT ALLOWED TO HAVE WASHING ON THE BALCONY. IT WOULD PUT TOURIST OFF!!!. That is such a stupid comment. When all around are building sites. No tidy skips to put the rubbish into. It is just downloaded down a chute straight onto the road..

Filthy rubbish skips just left on the road side stinking.(Another good Tourist Attraction). Walking pass them you have to be careful you not do knock them.(GERMS from them) or get killed.(In patience car driver's)

Being kept waiting at visa control, because no one has bothered to turn up.(5 hours at  one point). Maybe that has got better...

This is just a bit of my view. I could say a lot more.

Also lots of people love it there. Or seem to.

Plus before people comment. No we were not TAX FREE. Not everyone is....

Lol. Sorry I did not mean you..


Lived in Italy and Netherlands... I know what you are saying :)

Seems more and more people share my views....Ribosom, you're surrounded ;)

I don't think my posts suggested that I don't agree with you, it is just my personal experience that one can have a social life here, but it takes way more effort then most of us are used to. But that's the nature of moving around, you can't expect to have same conditions wherever you go.

Last week I went home and had more social activities in a week than I will have here for the rest of the year, but it doesn't mean there will be none. :)

My new local habits...none.

This is my 10th country and without a doubt the least sociable.  I had more to do, socially, in KSA - probably because we were enclosed in compounds.

Aside from that, there isn't much to do here.  I hate  malls - in any country. When I ask Kuwaitis what is there to do for any coming weekend "Go to the mall."

I would rather sit at home and watch downloaded movies.

If anyone is interested in meeting up, let me know. Coffee shop or somewhere by marina should be a nice spot

As a matter of fact , as long as u live in another country than yrs, u have to indulge and be gained from its culture representing in new customs and traditions. For example . One finds himself repeat Kuwaiti everyday dialects like , shinow, inshallah, hayaak allah and many more. For local specialities also u have to eat food made and cooked here but u still miss yr homeland food and ask newcomers bring us our dear local food made by and in our homes

VorraroD :

If anyone is interested in meeting up, let me know. Coffee shop or somewhere by marina should be a nice spot

I'm interested. I was born and raised here so I can help you with some info about the life in here. If you're interested too, Just send me a private message so we can work out the details.

Hi, I've been in Kuwait two weeks and other than teaching colleagues, I have yet to make any social contacts..  If the offer of a coffee is still open I'd like to take you up on it.  Greg. ***

Thnx a lot
Very grateful I will be for u

gregbarker :

Hi, I've been in Kuwait two weeks and other than teaching colleagues, I have yet to make any social contacts..  If the offer of a coffee is still open I'd like to take you up on it.  Greg. ***

I'm interested. I'll contact you for the details.

If there's anyone interested in a coffee or tea, just let me know in a message

I normally go for coffee and Shisya around those areas...feel free to join

The subject of this thread is if you adopted some local traditions or habits.
Unfortunately it seems more for invitation to gather. I understand the need but please,  open a new thread as you all are  :offtopic:

I like to know if there are members who adopt some local habits because I am interested what kind the locals have.
And I am not talking about the sisha or going to malls.

The habits, I picked up.

Taking your life in your hands when trying to cross a road. Or a passenger in a car.

Watch where you walking on the so called pavements. As when a post of some sort has been cut down. No one digs the pavement up to remove the whole post. No they leave about 4 cm of it protruding above the ground. Plus the wires that go with it. (If there were wires).

Lose your identity and culture. (They do not lose theirs in my Country).

Do not walk near Building works, as they just throw the rubbish down. No skips at the end of the flues.

Wash both hands and feet as soon as you get in because of the filth in the streets.

Don't walk to near certain nationalities, in case they cough up then spit it out. (YUK).

The list is endless..

No we weren't Tax Free..

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