Your new local habits in Germany

Hello everyone,

Living in Germany is a great way to immerse in a new culture and lifestyle.

Have you embraced local customs since you've lived in Germany? If so, which one(s)?

Did local customs change the way you see things, appreciate life or organize your daily routines? As far as the language is concerned, did you learn new expressions or words and do you use them?

What do you like most about the lifestyle in your host country? Are there any local specificities you are still struggling with?

Thanks in advance,


Since I married a German man it was easy for me to adjust.I went to evening school to learn German as I think that speaking the language ,as well as one can ,is very important when adapting to another country. The Germans  also respect one more .

When I first moved here over 20 years ago, to live with my German boyfriend, we would often go visit his family or friends in the late afternoon for coffee and cake. I come from America where cake is, or was back then, still something usually served only at birthdays and would ask if someone had a birthday, so I wouldn't turn up without a thoughtful gift or flowers. The tradition of serving afternoon cake carried on after we had married and had kids - our kids attended playgroups prior to their preschool years, sometimes the group would meet up at people's private homes and the hostess always had an amazing homemade cake to offer. Well - it's been a while and I have since gotten used to this lovely tradition thanks to wonderful German bakeries and bake my own armed with a Dr Oetker cake recipe book. We don't eat cake within the family everyday ourselves but I somehow think this is normal for many German friends. 🍰


Living in Germany is a different experience for me. Life is quite easy and bit difficult at same time. In today's world we all create perception for any country through media and most of times its not true. I had immensely great experience of living in Germany but sometimes it feels like lonely as well. The work Cultural in Germany is so good that i don't think we can ever find any thing better then the great Germany :)
German famous for there work commitment and punctuality. I found them very organised in all the ways. which makes it easier to live in not only in Germany but anywhere on Globe.

Now lets talk about few annoying things ;)
I don't like to pay Radio fees of 17 Euro's every month, i think its un necessary burden to many people. Radio should not cost that much i think thats a MaFiA (:

Please smile back. Why german do not smile back. may be there are too many outsiders immigrants and they don't feel comfortable. one thing we must tell them that German's have Great Smiles :) ,  so please do some show off.

Rest i don't have any negative things about german. They are just Great Friends and lovely people :)


After 4 years in Germany, I finally was able to visit my homeland again this year and I realized the impact this country has on me.

1.Punctuality and work ethic.  Everything's done suddenly sooo slowly in my homeland. The cashiers chat with each other while they scan your goods and you can't help but glare at them and thought of the time wasted. I don't 'consider' excuses from my friends anymore once they show up late for a meet-up.  I feel already nervous not knowing what time the public transportation show up. Crazy but somehow, I appreciate the work ethic here in Germany and would love it adapted at home. ;)

2. The weather is taken very seriously here in Germany and everybody's mood seems to be deeply affected by the weather.

3. Germans might be strict and distant but they can be polite. People greet you when they/you enter the room and sometimes, they'd even wish you a nice day before leaving!

4. I love that people here are active outdoors. You see old couples taking walks along the Isar river, cycling, swimming and lazing around lakes etc.

5. What bugs me though is the bureaucracy. You can't imagine the struggles I had just to stay here in Germany with the purest intention: to work. I had to do this and that and it sapped my energy and money!


I won´t begin from the start of a history,
But bring to light the real, real story...

It was calm, cool and absolutely beautiful...
When I first landed in a land so wonderful!

I saw the toil and sweat in their nerves and pain...
Certainly, intelligence, hard work, honesty wasn’t in vain

Nature preserved for its beauty, freshness, health and pleasure...
A heaven of technology, efficiency and mechanism without measure...

The best organizers are they, I can say!
With discipline, etiquette, punctuality begins their day...

You cannot change them, it´s all in their blood...
But learning from them can definitely change you for good.

Women and men work shoulder to shoulder...
Provide a strong foundation for every gender.

Weekends in garden, busy-Bees with bucket and spade...
Thereafter, time for beer and skittles with friends in shade.

Building fair in their country with equality...
I saw their efforts yielding fruits positively!

Sheer particular are they, in every detail...
Interesting and knowledgeable, one can tell.

Schools and Universities have different systems -
Every boy and girl have a choice in various terms...

There’s freedom of speech and freedom of religion-
Giving no chance to spoil or divide any relation.

It´s hard to see, smile on their pretty face -
Unless knowing, you are good and grace.

They invest time in their sweet home and garden, even when frozen
Hobbies, sports, cars and lawns, they have absolute passion!

One can come across unpleasant in some or few
Hard to accept, just forget the view.

Overlook certain draws backs, look no more!
Not a must to follow ... Just ignore!

On the whole, I can say, it´s the best place -
If you follow rules and regulations at every space!

Strangers coming in, in the last years, are a fear!
Like a wave, overrunning culture and it´s behavior.

Changed is my feeling for this land and I am sad!
For I can´t repeat to say..., that I am glad. 

To conclude is to work like the people of Germany,
Let flow your Country too with milk and honey!

A pride to possess two cultures!

Anila Annet Jahn (Yan), Indian-German 2015

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