Your new local habits in Ethiopia

Hello everyone,

Living in Ethiopia is a great way to immerse in a new culture and lifestyle.

Have you embraced local customs since you've lived in Ethiopia? If so, which one(s)?

Did local customs change the way you see things, appreciate life or organize your daily routines? As far as the language is concerned, did you learn new expressions or words and do you use them?

What do you like most about the lifestyle in your host country? Are there any local specificities you are still struggling with?

Thanks in advance,


Ethiopian generally is a good Country,
The people are nice, and so does the weather.

On Addis Ababa mostly of my necessity are well provided, except the transportation to hang around on late night. (it's no 24 hours transport unless taxi on Ethiopia)

If there's anything I don't feel enjoy here is the Dog problems. They are so friendly during the daylight but so sensitive on late evening. It seems  like they are on guard mode on the evening.
One more thing to be criticize here maybe the habits of Ethiopian male that "pee" anywhere, honestly it's disgusting for me.

Anyway so far I enjoyed myself here, easy and cheap beer, good food, good weather, and great quality of water.

Note: I Lived and Work Around Mekanisa.

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