Your new local habits in England

Hello everyone,

Living in England is a great way to immerse in a new culture and lifestyle.

Have you embraced local customs since you've lived in England? If so, which one(s)?

Did local customs change the way you see things, appreciate life or organize your daily routines? As far as the language is concerned, did you learn new expressions or words and do you use them?

What do you like most about the lifestyle in your host country? Are there any local specificities you are still struggling with?

Thanks in advance,


I am not quite a foreigner but as a Scottish man living in a different country (England)  for several years there is a slightly different culture which is of course the same when you move to any other country.

I live in a multi-culture city in England where all Nationalities live in harmony and while the different cultures mix to a degree there is never complete integration but perhaps mostly toleration.

At the same time where different Nationalities mix either socially or in business the main 'thing' to remember is give any Nationality RESPECT about them and their backgrounds....get to know them and DONT keep talking all about YOU and how wonderful YOUR country is....they will soon ask you....then you will make many friends.

The people living in England are very tolerant, friendly  and sociable and if you remember the above information you will get on fine.

If you have any questions.....just contact me and  I will try and answer them.

Thank you Priscilla for complimenting my answer to 'YOUR NEW LOCAL HABITS IN ENGLAND'....Tartanjim


Yes new habits. Hmm... The afternoon teas are quite nice. We have only lived in Cambridge for a month so I really want to get in touch with people who likes going out dancing. Latin is my favourite.  Any recommendations?

My teenagers are really keen on getting new friends also of course. Anyone who has kids born -00 a boy who loves playing football and other sports and playing FIFA, and a girl born-02 who loves horses, kickboxing, other sports, cooking, reading, shopping?


Hello Priscilla, here are my two cents: I have lived in the UK on and off since 2010. My boyfriend is English and I was introduced to English culture through his family. In terms of habits, a few things come to mind: my evening meal time in the UK is much earlier than it used to be (anytime between 6.30 and 7.30 pm as opposed to 8 - 9 pm). It's funny because I really like eating earlier and so now when I visit my family in Italy I tend to stick to my UK time and it's really odd for them :) I really like "Sunday lunch", either at home or in a pub. English breakfast is also a nice treat once in a while. I like scones and oatcakes (the latter more of a northern English thing). I normally drink more tea here and I always carry an umbrella in my bag (this may sound like a bit of a cliche but it's true for me). I like the beautiful colours that changing weather produces (those greys and blues in the sky which contrast with bright green in the countryside). I think architecture here is gorgeous and I love sitting by bay windows reading a book. Also, in the UK I cycle more than I used to. Well these are just a couple of things off the top of my head. Hope was helpful!

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