A lot of advice needed!

Hello Everyone there!

Me and my husband are looking to partially move to Malta and are considering buying a property there to live in, but then rent it out while we stay some of the year in the UK. Is anyone else doing this? We have family commitments in the uk and so need to spend some parts of the year here.

We are in our early 50's and are not able to retire so we need work. My husband is in IT with retail systems and I am a qualified social worker. Any advice on the job front is greatly received, bearing in mind we will need short term contracts. In the uk as a social worker I can manage this via agency work but have no idea what this profession is like in Malta. Does anyone know of an agency or how social work is regulated in Malta ?

My husband is in IT and specialises in retail systems. He can also turn his hand to work as a handy man, like fitting a kitchen or bathroom, unqualified but knowledgable with experience. The crux of it for us, is we will have to work to make ends meet.

Any ideas or informtion you can provide would be helpful.

Many thanks Janie.

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