An integration contract for foreign nationals in France

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From now on, foreign nationals moving to France for the first time and those aged between 16 and 18 who regularly enter the country and wishing to settle in the long run will now have to sign a republican integration contract with the State. But what is it all about? Let's find out.

The republican integration contract took effect in July 2016. It primarily aims at better helping foreign nationals to be autonomous and adapt more easily to the French society. In fact, they are bound by this contract to respect principles and values of the French society and Republic.

Foreign nationals will thus be entitled to information on French history, organization, values, institutions, employment and living conditions in France, as well as language courses depending on their language skills. Note that this contract has a one year duration.

The contract will apply to you if you are the holder of a temporary residence permit with the following titles: scientific researcher, artistic and cultural profession, employee, seasonal worker, employee on assignment, EU Blue Card or private and family life (with the exception of title issued in the case disease).

However, you will be exempted from these conditions if you come from the European Economic Area or Switzerland, if you have completed at least three academic years in a French secondary school or have studied in a French university for at least one year.

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Does this contract apply to foreign nationals who were born outside of France but hold French Passports or only those with residency permits?

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