Haitian project

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I have started a Crowd funding campaign to build an aquaponics project to help out the local Haitian community here near where I live.  It would employ probably 6 or so people and provide cheap food for the whole community.  An aquaponics project this size should produce when fully built out a ton of fish per month and 5 or 6 tons of veggies, depending on which type of veggies one plants.  This is not a get rich gringo project, but rather a "Missionary project" without any accompanying Gods or Goddesses.
It hasn't really taken off as yet, though it has been out there for a month so far.  One donor has assured me that when I get half way there they will kick in $1000.00.   So what can you do to help out in the country where you live? Try this:

I'm unsure how the forum gods will take this, but the idea seems to be a good one.
I'm a firm believer that expats should try to blend in to their chosen country, and preferably try to assist those in need whenever possible.

I do not see any issue with it at all and applaud your efforts!!!!     Please private message me where it will be -  would love to come see it!!!!

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