Free sport sessions in Miraflores

Hey guys, how are you all? I´ve been willing to post since a couple of days and I´m finally jumping into it!

I wanted to let all of you know about Urban Challenge Peru:
It's a project I have with another friend of mine (both of us are french and live in lima), we organize sport sessions which are FREE in miraflores every wednesdays at 8PM in the Parque Maria Reiche (Malecon de la Marina).

What do we do ? A bit of everything but essentially cross-fit with body weight.

Why should you come?
- It's free ! We don't win anything by doing it, we are just former sport professionals wanting to share our motivation.
- Networking: it allows you to meet new people peruvians and foreigners

Don't be shy, we have all levels. you can check us out on Facebook (Urban Challenge peru) or instagram  (urbanchallengeperu)

Ciao guys :)

Hello Pythafleur,

I suggest you create an event in the Events in Lima section of the website so that members can easily access the sport sessions.

All the best,

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