I need your help please; Can someone help me check it

I apply for a job offer from KHARBASH MINING AND CONSTRUCTION COMPANY, I would like to know if it is really a company establish in the UAE in order to avoid scam. They sent me an appointment letter and contract.  Here is the contain of their letter and their address:

Dear Employee,

Thanks for sending your application to the recruitment team of Kharbash Mining And Construction Company, please note that your application for employment has been approved. We have sent you an Email containing your approval and appointment letter, the approval letter contains your full name, position, salary and all other necessary details regarding the job offer, kindly confirm if you have received the approval and appointment letter, if yes, you are required to fill and sign the letter of appointment and Email it back to our admin manger for confirmation of acceptance to enable us commence with the processing of your traveling documents.

Yours in service,

Kharbash Mining And Construction Company
Head Office Location: Address: No 508 Al Barsha South 8, Al Barsha, Dubai Landmark: Behind Miracle Garden UAE. P.O.Box: 393239, Dubai UAE
Recruitment Manager: Mr. Nishad Oumar
Telephone Numbers:Mr. Nishad Oumar +971524139152 OR +971522406467 
Director Line +971527388990
Fax: +971429462458 Fax: +971429431260
Fax Number: +448445890173 OR Fax: +44-8445890172
Email: nishadoumar[at]
Email: info[at]


Looks like a scam to me. But first of all do you remember applying for a job there? i googled the company and the fax number and email are different including phone numbers. Even the way and manner the email was written shows its  unprofessional (look at best regards).

In a nut shell if you ask me, i did say is a scam. But you could also call this numbers displayed here and the ones on their official website and find out the truth. You could also use linkedin to talk to actual people working there.

Yes, I agree. 99% it is a scam.

1) Notice that almost all numbers are mobile numbers. Landline numbers - Fax: +971429462458 Fax: +971429431260.... so nobody will be answering you.

2) Another fax numbers Fax Number: +448445890173 OR Fax: +44-8445890172 are UK numbers, not Dubai.

3) There is 8th Street in Al Barsha, but no building no. 508.

I hope you did not send money.

thank guys for your answer; I did not sent anything;
thank you once again

Hi Komsom

i have applied for a Job to the same Company and received the same email as you.  this is a SCAM.

1. always remember recruitment agencies will not ask for immediate payment unless you have seen them in person where a legal contract have been signed.

2. a Gmail account is a free account and anyone can make up a company name eg: business[at]

3. Big recruitment agency companies have LANDLINE numbers not cellphone numbers and this one just keep ringing with no answer this is because there is 1 digit too long on the number so you will never reach them>

4. When i asked Nishad Oumar to please make an appointment with my sister residing in Dubai and after she confirmed the company exist then i can make the 780 dollars payment, however he wont comply as he wont see a third party. he then sent me a mail saying the contract have been terminated and that he will rather consider a more serious candidate. i did ask for a website he never gave me any details of it whatsoever.

searching on the net i came across Al Kharbash group of companies but not Kharbash Construction company. they do not exist.

my sister went to the so called head office address there is no such number.

here are the REAL Al Kharbash details
+971 4 3333388

Hi daniel;
thank you for your mail. I gave it up since, and I just hope to get a serious offer. Tell me bro, I read you have a sister there, Cal she help you get a seroius offer there or it is not really easssy as we think.
by the way I am an electrician.
thankin advance.

youre welcome luckily i did not send the money to those people
send me a email i will send some links.

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