New web page for British nationals wishing to travel in Europe

Hello everyone,

Following the results of the EU referendum, many British nationals have been looking for information and advice on traveling and living in Europe.

The British government has recently launched a new web page intended for British nationals, explaining that there will be no changes pending negotiations for the United Kingdom to leave the EU.

As these may take up to 2 years or more, the country remains a full member of the EU. The British government thus reassures its citizens that:
- they can continue to travel freely within the EU with their British passport
- there will be no visa requirements for the time being to enter a EU country
- they can continue to work and live in the EU legally
- they will continue to access to health care with their European Health Insurance Card
- they can continue to receive their retirement pensions in other EU countries.

The web page also contains information on passports, pensions, as well as dual citizenship, among others.

Find more information here:

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