South Sudan: calm returns after four days of violence

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South Sudan has become calmer this week following four days of conflict. Since Saturday, July 9, Juba, the capital city, has witnessed violent confrontations between loyalist forces and former rebels.

According to the media, more than 300 were found dead and many were injured. Looting cases have been reported in the capital on Monday night as well. Moreover, at least 42,000 people have fled Juba due to these conflicts.

A ceasefire was announced on Monday night by President Salva Kiir. Ban Ki-moon, the UN Secretary General appealed to the Security Council to strengthen its military presence in the country and to impose an arms embargo.

The city remains under tension although businesses have started to reopen gradually in Juba. Inhabitants fear repercussions in the coming days.

Foreign authorities are closely assessing the current situation. Foreign nationals who are on the spot are advised to pay attention to instructions issued by their respective embassies.

It is also recommended to those planning to travel to South Sudan to postpone their plans until further notice.

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Feel free to share your feelings with us if you are on the spot.

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Thank you for the update.  I am in California and planning to travel to Juba.  Your status report is appreciated.  Thanks again.  hg

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