From Russia with love

Hi All,

My name is Stephen (Irish) and I am moving here for the next two years with my wife Dana (American) and our two dogs. We will be moving from Moscow, after many years there, at the end of July and are truly excited. Any general help, advice or questions are welcome. We would like to make friends and garner new experiences.

Thank you!

Stephen ad Dana

Hello and welcome on board Stephen ad Dana :cheers:

In which part of Vietnam are you moving to please?

Our living in Vietnam guide is a must read for new expatriates ;)


Hi Kenjee,

We are moving to HCMC. Thank you for the advice!

Pray, even god's own people suffer here hah

Lol, you seem to enjoy life here either that or it's like a death sentence to you.

Relax, Stephen & Dana

(Minor) cultural differences aside, you will find (all) people have the same personalities                   (and problems) here.   As you already know, people are as you treat them.

..just like the rest of the Global Village...

     Beware only of biting at the baits - and try (not) to feed the Trolls

           ..and enjoy Heaven on Earth...         :idontagree:



As you said any question is welcome, don't mind me pour out few questions to get to know you:

Where would you stay in HCMC?

What are you looking for in term of help and advice?

Who are friends you want to make?

What're your plan here? What make you excited to come?

Hi There,

Welcome to Saigon, I am an expat from Australia always looking to meet new friends for chatting and sharing experiences,

Feel free to contact for an obligation free friendship

From Australia with love  008    Des    hd375c

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