like to meet American people here

Hi everyone :) My name is Sara and I'm a new member here!! I was born and raised in Milan (Italy) and I'd like to move to the US some day! I'd like to meet American people here to improve my spoken English and to know something more about American culture!! Send me a PM if you want, I don't bite :)

Have a nice day!

Hi Sara,

Welcome to! :)

I created a new topic as from your post on the Milan forum. You might find some contacts in the Milan expat network by using the search button. ;)

Hi!  My partner Chloe and I just moved here. Literally just arrived into Milan.  I am a USA and NZ citizen and she's a NZer.  Would be great to have contacts here - we just went to the grocery store for example and had a lot of questions. Just looking for English language movie theatres. All that kind of thing. :)

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