Looking for Teaching position for newbie

Hi All

i am currently working as teacher in maldives but thinking to move to vietnam on january 2017
is there any teacher who can suggest me how to find teaching position in vietnam? i am not a qualified teacher but graduate in commerce but switched my career from accountant to teaching since a year ago to live in maldives.

thanks to all

You probably won't get too many offers looking like that. Just saying. You better off doing your job search in Vietnam rather than online. Pound and ground if you can to as many language centers as possible. Keep in mind most schools prefer their teachers to look a certain way, hot young blond female teachers are top of the list.

Thank you Hypothalamus

welcome to vietnam
skype with my ** if you need more information

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I can help you get started once you arrive. I have started my own private classes and have too many students for me to handle. Please PM me for further details.

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