Medellin Honored With the ‘Nobel’ Prize For Urbanism

Showing photos of South America’s first Metro system and the electrical escalators that climb Medellín’s hills, the Colombian newspaper El Tiempo posted the following headline from which this thread title was translated...

Medellín Gana Premio ’Nobel’ en Urbanismo

It’s the Lee Kwan Yew prize, aka the ‘Nobel’ in Urbanism.  It’s given to a city being recognized for livability, vibrancy and sustainability.  It’s not the first award in this genre that Medellín has gathered, as a series of mayoral administrations has transformed Medellín into its 21st century dynamic form.  The award recognizes the city for 20 years of transformation since the elimination of the druglord Escobar in the early 90’s .. and the subsequent end of dominance of the cocaine cartel.

The MDE mayor, Federico Gutiérrez, was in Singapore to pick up the award yesterday.  He said the award signifies there has been a succession of good administrations in the city .. and while a new mayor comes in from time to time, he said, there has been a long-term continuation of “buenas” in Medellin.

source:  El Tiempo

-- cccmedia from Eje Cafetero, Colombia

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