Driving in Bahrain


My partner and I will be moving to Bahrain in August.

I have been learning to drive but have not yet passed, and will be unable to do so before we move (due to no test dates being available before we leave).

Is it possible for me to do a few lessons and do the test in Bahrain, or would I need to go through the whole process again? I have read somewhere that there is a compulsory 22 hours of lessons required, is that right?

Obviously it is going to be very difficult to get around without driving.

Thank you very much for your time.



If you dont have a valid license, you have to follow the entire process and yes 22 driving classes that is correct.


Hi, thank you for confirming this for me.

Do you know of any good driving schools that I could use when I arrive? and if I can arrange to start doing the hours right away?

Thank you,

I think you'd probably need a residence permit here before you can take driving lessons.

My advice is to try to take the test in the UK as it will solve many problems (i.e finding a trustworthy driving instructor, cost of the extra hours etc). If you do get the licence in UK then you with that you could obtain a Bahraini driving licence with the cost of 20BHD.

Means it is worth delaying your starting a new job ( with your employer's consent of course) and pass the test in the UK.

Secondly not all the UK cities and towns have a long waiting for driving test, try some nearby town too if you can get an earlier appointment. :)

I would strongly advise, as others have, to pass the test in the uk before coming to Bahrain.
If you do, then once you are here all you need to do is submit your uk license and they will convert it to a Bahraini one for a small fee.

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