about salary- can I live with €1000 in Budapest?

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First of all we have to feel good about doors in general, join the door cult, agree to pay for doors, any doors, do good works on doors in third world countries, go to door university and learn the door anthem and only then, when we've passed this level will we reach door nirvana


Are they selling doors, or The Doors?

Yup, poor old Jim, almost as revered as much as Elvis.

Hard to compete with the dead.

I'm surprised  no-one has started a tribute acts called Open Doors, Closed Doors, Sliding Doors, ...etc.

I was really thinking of how much I need to survive a month and have a very good quality life.  After 3 decades in Japan and the bloody expensive days as a student.   I can see life in Budapest really is the better place to live but to be single and really really enjoy...I need €2000 month for everything.  Most of my friends are net 4-700€ and it is not easy for them.  One life people :)

Yes I agree I think that is very true.  Especially  if you have to pay for accommodation here as rentals now seem to be more expensive.

We are all a little greedy sometimes but I feel as if my life is greatly enhanced if I have enough spare cash to go on little trips.  Other people may have different priorities and wishes.  For instance,   they may desire designer handbags or like to go clubbing.  For me I just love to be able to travel and I am not that bothered about having tons of clothing and millions of nights out on the palinka.

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