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Hi everyone :) My name is Sara and I'm a new member here!! I was born and raised in Milan (Italy) and I'd like to move to the US some day! I'd like to meet American people here to improve my spoken English and to know something more about American culture!! Send me a PM if you want, I don't bite :)

Have a nice day! Love you  :heart:

Just to clarify, you are looking for Americans in Milan?

Hi Sara,

I created a new topic with your other post on the Italy forum here : … 37#3279138

I will leave this one here. If you have any questions concerning your move to USA, you can post them  on the USA forum. ;)

Yep, right  :)

For sure you will not bite,
one of the important tools to improve your English is to watch American movies without translation, I know it will be boring at the beginning but it will be very helpful really, the American Culture Center in your area will be a great source for a lot of materials,


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