major international broadcaster wants you - Be quoted on an article

To all expatriates living in Indonesia!

A journalist from a major international broadcaster is writing an article and needs answers on this question:

"Do you do a job that everyone thinks is highly paid, but in reality isn't?"

Maybe you're a scientist, techie, junior doctor or architect living abroad, working on amazing projects... but the reward is more the skills and experience you pick up rather than the pay packet.

This journalist is looking for mid-career rather than gap-year or interns.

It's not a negative piece. He is not looking for anyone to moan about their employer. It is more like a reality check, the reality of the job, setting the record straight for people ignorant about the profession, and advice for people considering your line of work. And the skills you are picking up that could lead to highly paid work if you wanted to make that move.

Feel free to send your comments right on this discussion.

It's unlikely auntie beeb will find any British expats in that situation, or many others from any country as the work permit and paperwork to employ a foreigner is tough so they only want the best, and that normally means a fat sack of cash.
The ones you could catch are expat English teachers in some of the lesser language mills or some expat teachers from other south east Asian countries.
As Indonesian law won't allow a work permit to do any job an Indonesian can do, he'll be pushed to find people in most walks of life.

In my opinion, there are two types of expats. The one being sent by their HQ with a contract or the ones who packed their bags and move to this country. I belong to the latter and to be honest, it ain't easy finding a job that able to sustain me in the long run. Right now I'm single probably okay. to start a family, I must say right now is impossible. This is my personal view, hope it might be helpful.

Thank you Shawn.
Does the fact that you are a foreigner prevent you from finding a well paid job? What do you do actually?

Taking what Shawn wrote a bit further, and his distinguishing foreign expats that get assigned here versus independent job seekers, he, as a Malaysian (thus from an ASEAN member country), should theoretically be more able to find employment here than a foreigner from a non ASEAN country.

Independent job seeking foreigners from non ASEAN member countries will find it almost impossible to find employment here because jobs are protected in Indonesia.  Unless you have a skill or expertise that cannot be found within the available pool of Indonesian nationals, it is truly almost Mission Impossible.  An exception would be as Fred mentioned, that being native English speakers qualified and credentialed to teach English.

Considering those expats that get assigned here by their employer, the vast majority of those expats enjoy generous salaries, housing and school allowances, and depending on what country they come from, (like the US), an incredible break on their home country income tax.  Almost without exception, those foreign expats will enjoy a higher compensation package than their Indonesian counterpart with equal qualifications and experience.

Thanks Ubudian.

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