How to get benefits ( End service +Delayed Salaries) if company closed

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I am currently working In Jeddah from last 7 years. we have 7 salaries pending and we feel that now company is going to closed(Failure). Please advise or share your experience that how we will get our benefits if company fails.

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It seems you r in sol.Don't panic.Just make dua.

As per law, companies are "supposed" to keep a reserve of end of service benefits of all staff they employ. Most companies do follow this and keep a reserve in bank, however a lot of them dont, or cheat on this by forcing staff to take leaves every year, reducing basic etc etc.

If your company has done this , there is no worry . If not then you can approach the court, however there will be a delay in time .

Many Thanks @ HRGuru. How labor office will be involved in case of closing? should we approach or there is any other process?


In normal cases if a company is declaring bankrupt or closing down they will have to inform proper authorities - like for eg: passport office to cancel residence permits, they might even have to advertise in media for any outstanding claims against them.  If you approached the company and they denied your service benefits you can approach the labor office directly and they will contact the company to know the reason and to get your rights.

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Eid Mubarak,

With regard to your questions of 7 salaries pending and end service benefit, please be advised that if you want to file a case with Maktab Alamal, your main  demands could be 7 month salaries, end service benefit, transfer sponsorship.
its hard to specify time frame, but mostly between each hearing session is 14 days.


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