Expat profiles needed for major international publication

Do you do a job that everyone thinks is highly paid, but in reality isn't?

Maybe you're a scientist, techie, junior doctor or architect living abroad, working on amazing projects... but the reward is more the skills and experience you pick up rather than the pay packet.

I am a UK-based journalist writing for a major international broadcaster, and I want to hear from you. I'm looking for mid-career rather than gap-year or interns.

It's not a negative piece, and am not looking for anyone to moan about their employer - it's more a reality check, the reality of the job, setting the record straight for people ignorant about the profession, and advice for people considering your line of work. And the skills you are picking up that could lead to highly paid work if you wanted to make that move.

May I assume your interest is British expats (Considering you're working for auntie Beeb)?

That doesn't rule out Indonesia, but it's very likely to limit you badly as far as that country goes.
Countries with similar restrictions regarding work permits might well be about the same.
There is one possibility that comes to mind, that being Susi air in Indonesia as they employ a lot of expat pilots, commonly people at the start of their career.
I gather their starting rate is about 10 million/month, a pretty low salary for an expat.
They were featured on 'worst place to be a pilot', a very interesting program.

Nope - any expats, from any country living in any country. Just needs to have that international viewpoint. (And I hear the Indonesia forum is a lively one!)

Thanks for the Susi air tip - if anyone reading this works for them, I'd be interested to hear from you.

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