Do you do a job that everyone thinks is well paid, but isn't?

Good morning everyone,

Maybe you're a scientist, techie, junior doctor or architect living abroad, working on amazing projects... but the reward is more the skills and experience you pick up rather than the pay packet.

I am a UK-based journalist writing for a major international broadcaster, and I want to hear from you. I'm looking for senior or mid-career rather than gap-year or interns.

It's not a negative piece, and am not looking for anyone to moan about their employer - it's more a reality check, the reality of the job, setting the record straight for people ignorant about the profession, and advice for people considering your line of work. And what skills are you picking up that could lead to highly paid work if you wanted to make that move.

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Hello Journo,

This could be very interesting and long research.

Decades ago when I was a student in the UK, I worked on a  project (in Chester) where government (at county council level) was accumulating data on available skill and educational courses verses jobs on the market to manage major mis matches between supply and demand for certain professions which in turn would result in unusually low or high salary package.

The second interesting piece of information I would like to share with you is that in Saudi, it is very common to see different packages for identical job at the same company among employees based on how desperate the employer was and how well an employee managed to negotiate his package.  :one

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