Best Western compounds close to international schools in Riyadh?

Hello. Please can someone suggest the best western compounds close to the British and American International schools in Riyadh? Considering sending my kids to one of these schools and need to search for accommodation options at the same time. Thank you!

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Hi ,

The easiest way to explore the possibility of  getting a western compound is to talk to your potential employer, there are alot of  western compounds in Riyadh , I wont be able to suggest any , near the western schools , what really works well is you living near your place of employment and your children getting a reliable transport to and from the school . Seriously once you come personally , every thing unfolds to your comfort and betterment in a few months . Welcome to  Saudi , you will definitely enjoy your stay . My friends children studied in British school , he was not impressed with the set up .

Thank you for your reply Kunsha. Will do as you suggest. Have friends there too so will get in touch to get their opinions. Curious about why your friend was not happy with the British school. Could you perhaps elaborate? It would be very helpful when deciding which school my kids should attend. Thanks again!

Hi Again ,

I would not remember precisely what the exact nature of dis-appointment was , its 4 years back ,I regret what i wrote I never meant to put you off the school . Nothing of serious nature , just the issue came under discussion at dinner once, perhaps the fee was too much he  had  3 kids attending the institution and  may be it was the exuberant fee he would pay every year which surely came above 120000 riyals . Please do consult your friends who have kids attending and take their counsel .

Welcome to   Saudi

HI CouldBExpat - i am very keen to find out what you find out, as i am moving over soon and in 6mths, my family will be joining me and we have two girls age 8 and 10 and yes we too will only be looking at the USA or British school - so sharing will be caring :)

Albustan is a good choice, but pricy. American International School is located inside the compound.

Best of luck!

Thanks, will check it out

California Resort really good and runs buses to both American and British school. Prices pretty reasonable.

Prices please ?

Thank you - do you maybe have costs for me please

Price I think range from 125k-265k annual lease.

Thanks a mill for your quick reply

for how many rooms please?

They have 1,2and 3bed units

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