IS VPN safe to use in china

few months ago i have heard that china internet department has shutdown the cell number permanently because they are using VPN.

The technology available in China is space-age.  The Chinese government employs thousands of dedicated nationalistic-youth to constantly monitor the Internet, smartphone conversations, online chats, social journalism and the like.

VPNS are blocked all the time, with the government using every technological and surveillance device at its disposal to monitor every word and photo transmitted.

However, there are ways to circumvent these intrusions.

to use a VPN in China is not legal and has strict monitoring with thousands of volunteers with the superior Firewall technology, however, if you are a foreigner in China everything is blocked for you over the internet and the only option is to use a VPN because we can use their versions of facebook, twitter etc. A VPN which is best of China is the one optimized for China and has strong stealth servers near China, hope it will work for you

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