Our Recent Banking Experience - Expired US Banking Debit Cards

Hello, Friends.
This is just a note with some information that might be of interest to some of you.
Recently our Chase Bank and HSBC debit cards expired (we've had trouble using the USPS website and couldn't have our new ones forwarded anywhere from our PO box in California). We will not access our mail until December.
A call to Chase Bank informed us that if we called them with expired card in hand from an ATM, the card could be activated on the spot.
A call to HSBC Bank gave different information. They would mail a new card to us at an alternate address in Mexico. We were informed they could not send it to our post office box in the state of Guanajuato but they could send it to an HSBC bank near us.

We have opened a US mail forwarding service in Anaheim, CA. It is called For a small monthly fee we forward all mail.  We ask everyone - including banks, to mail our cards there, The Service notifies us via email for free about any mail, and wait for our email instruction to scan an email a confidential content. If we chose so, they can mail the cards via FEDEX or DHL to our local FEDEX or DHL office, tracked. That arrives rather fast and safe. We find, it is a great advantages to use the online service, and having an US address.

Thank you for sharing your information. We might be interested in the future in using your  forwarding service. We used a similar-sounding one in Santa Monica, CA, and then one in Los Angeles, as well. We found that the service expenses really added up. There was a monthly service as well as a per-piece service. That was the reason for our switch to USPS after about four years. I would say that we are happy with the service, which costs about the same, since we must visit the area twice yearly, and we've been able to change nearly all of our mail service to "green" online service. We plan to decide in December whether or not to continue to USPS or return to a forwarding service.
And yes, we wish to keep a US address, as well, at least for the next few years. Thanks again for your reply!

Both Chase and Bank of America replaced expired cards for me to my address in Mexico for around $15 in 2 or 3 working days.

I had a forwarding service for about $15/MO.  99% Junk mail.  I gave is up after 6 months.  Everything really important comes by email, the rest can wait till my quarterly trip to Texas to my private mailbox service.  That same service will Estafeta stuff to me in an emergency for a high though not unreasonable fee.

Thank you, gudgrief. I see your face as a friend - so familiar here on I didn't have as good luck with wither Chase or B of A, but I really didn't try very hard. As we'll be heading to California in December (right around the corner!!) we're just waiting until then. If it happens again in a couple of years I'll remember your information.

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